Replace Multiple Teeth with Dental Bridge in Downers Grove, IL

Are you missing several teeth in the same area of your mouth? Then a dental bridge is an excellent treatment option to consider for dental restoration. At Ogden Dental Studio, we offer personalized treatments to restore your teeth, giving you a functional, confident smile.


How Tooth Bridge Work

The design of a dental bridge uses anchors nearby, with a small prosthetic to fill in the space where you are missing teeth. The anchors can be nearby, healthy teeth that use crowns to hold the bridge in place. Or, dental implants are an option, with a post secured in the jawbone. An abutment is placed on the implant post to hold the bridge securely.

Both dental implants and healthy neighboring teeth are effective solutions for holding the bridges. Our team at Ogden Dental Studio will complete a thorough evaluation to determine the best treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Our goal with this treatment is to give you a smile that you are confident to share with everyone that you meet. At the same time, bridges, or a fixed dental bridge, restore the function of your mouth, making it easier to eat and talk in your daily activities.

Advantages of Dental Bridges

Should you choose bridges or a fixed dental bridge for your dental restoration? This treatment offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • A confident smile and a natural appearance
  • Enjoy your favorite foods with improved chewing function
  • Functions similar to your natural teeth
  • Minimize complications after tooth extraction, such as shifting teeth
  • Preserve bone density when using dental implants to hold the bridge

Keep in mind that bridges offer far more benefits than aesthetic improvements that the eye can see. When there are missing teeth in the mouth, the gaps can increase the risk of other complications. Nearby teeth can start moving, resulting in additional tooth loss.

On the other hand, bridges, or a tooth bridge, maintain jaw alignment and reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding teeth. By holding all the teeth in place, you can protect the structure and function in your mouth to maintain a beautiful smile that lasts for many years.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Bridges

  • What is the difference between dental bridges and partial dentures?

Partial dentures are removable and are often recommended when many teeth need to be replaced. On the other hand, a bridge is used when there are fewer teeth to replace. The bridge is secured in the mouth and can’t be removed by the patient.


  • Can I eat and talk normally with a bridge?

The good news is that a bridge will restore the function of your teeth. Replacing the missing teeth improves your ability to eat and talk normally. In addition, bridges look and feel like your natural teeth.


  • What care and hygiene are required for a bridge?

If you want your bridge to last for years, proper care and cleaning are required. The recommendations include regular flossing and brushing, cleaning the bridge in the same way you would for natural teeth.