Dentures: Complete Dental Restoration in Downers Grove, IL

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, dentures are a great treatment option. This method uses dental prosthetics to replace all of the teeth that are missing at once. In addition, our team at Ogden Dental Studio offers a variety of restorative services to improve the appearance and function of your smile.


Types of Dentures & Denture Implants

When you meet with our dental team for a consultation, we will talk about the available prosthetics types. Traditional dentures have been used for many years, but there are a few notable disadvantages. For example, they can start to slip and move around in the mouth. Additionally, the movement can cause sores to develop because of the friction on the surface of the gums.

Another option to consider is to invest in implant-supported dentures which look similar to traditional dentures, creating a natural appearance for your smile. The difference is that they are secured in the mouth by attaching them to dental implant posts that are secured in the jawbone.

Full Dentures Restoration or Partial Dentures

It’s common to use dentures for a full restoration. But you don’t need to be missing all of your teeth to benefit from them. Sometimes, partial dentures are a recommended treatment to fill in an area of the mouth where multiple teeth are missing. Full dentures require that all teeth are removed, while partial dentures make it possible to keep the healthy teeth in place.

Our team at Ogden Dental Studio provides personalized care to help you design the ideal smile. In addition, we will evaluate your current situation and offer recommendations regarding partial dentures, full dentures, which might be immediate dentures, or other types of dental treatments.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Dentures

  • Do they look and feel like regular teeth?

Yes, when they are fitted correctly, you will be able to eat and talk comfortably. However, it takes a little bit of time to adjust to using dental prosthetics, so most people start by eating soft foods in the beginning.


  • Is it necessary to reline dentures?

Even when you have a perfect fit, the shape and size of the gums often change over time. You might notice that the dentures are moving around more than usual. Simply schedule an appointment, and our team can do a denture reline to correct the fit.


  • How are they secured in the mouth?

With traditional dentures, you will use a dental adhesive to hold them in place on the gums. The other option is implant-supported dentures, which is like denture implants, that involve abutments at the top of the implant posts to anchor the prosthetics.


  • Do I need denture repairs?

Sometimes you might need a denture rebase or reline. Denture rebasing is when the base material needs to be replaced. Talk to our team at Ogden Dental Studio to see if denture repairs are necessary.